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Wow, Three Years

I just realized I haven’t scrapbooked in the sense of sharing here in three years.  A lot has happened in that time I know.  But wow!

I have finally gotten a new computer, so there is actually a chance of being able to scrapbook again.  My old one was struggling especially with windows 10.  With how life has been boy am I realizing I need this therapy in my life regularly again.

I’m starting to get back my mojo and have been finding my way around the shops and forums that have changed a lot in the many years since I have really scrapbooked.

Things kinda came to a head again when I realized how few of the stories behind the pictures I have written down.

How few pictures my kids get to really sit and look back through and see of them growing up, and of their sister that they never met.  In 2018 I want to change that.  I need to tell these stories so they are known.  I need to have my kids seeing that their lives are important to me and the stories of them growing up fondly as they look back.  I realized I have done exactly what was done to me in a way.  Pictures are stored, in my case digitally, and not ever really looked at.  That needs to change.

I’m not making a resolution.  Those do not sit well with me.  More of a promise to do better this year.  How it will work out between homeschooling and life and wanting to scrapbook I’m not sure.  But I’m keeping this space separate for now.  We will see what the year brings.

Here is a cup to 2018.


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