Personal Reflections


So I’m sorry you may have been waiting for a new post.  Things have been busy here.  Hubby has started his new job(s), I’ve had little to no energy and what I do have has been taken primarily to take care of our two girls and to try and take care of myself day to day.  Scrapbooking as much as I want to do it, has had to wait.  Baby dropped just over two weeks ago, and has made things very interesting.  Last week, at 32 weeks, I was at the doctor’s office and the baby measured a “bit” large… 6lbs 11oz.  So we are waiting.  I go back next week to see how big baby is and we figure out our options from there.  The goal is to make it as long as possible, but it may mean you might not see something here from me for a little while.

I will try to get caught up when I can.

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