Personal Reflections


I’m updating the site, trying to fix the links that broke to pictures when the site had problems.  I’m also taking the opportunity to clean things up a bit, for example fix my categories for some posts.  Since anyone that I have CT’d for has retired it hadn’t felt like a big push.  There has been so much to focus on besides scrapbooking.

But I know that I need to.  I need to focus on my scrapbooking for my sanity.  I need that time, that therapy.

There are also a few people that I would love to work with having the CT calls right now.

I do not think I stand a chance this time either.  But I have to try.

First step was updating.  So I’ve at least gotten all the posts updated.  I wanted to get this crossed off my list.  This way even if I do not get a new CT gig, at least I’m up to date when the Lord decides its time.

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