Has the snow started flying where you are yet?  It has here and as much as I have been in denial, winter is here.  I was not ready for it to come yet as I don’t want to pay someone else to plow the driveway but the likely hood that I will manage to shovel with three kids under 5 is small.  We will see what happens.

But I did have to smile today when I saw Simply Tiffany’s post previewing her new kit, Pink Snow!

I had to smile as I have a 3 year old whose FAVORITE color is pink.  She will love this kit, just from the preview alone!

So I’m hoping that by showing you this kit that you might not have seen, you can get a smile if you are being covered in the white stuff and perhaps increase my chances of winning it so that I can create some beautiful pictures for my daughter with it.

Actually what I really want is to be able to print off some of the elements and let her play with creating something with it.  I think she will have a ball with it.  With her love of pink.  I just wish I knew where she got that from! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the snow, or the warm if you are fortunate to not have the white stuff falling down right now!

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