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New Template Pack

* Please note this post has been updated to remove the links since In the Small Things has retired.  🙁

In the Small Things has a new template pack out called One By One vol. 1,  and I wanted to show you the versatility of this pack of templates!  I’ve used only kits from In the Small Things store (all of which you can find here at Stuff to Scrap).

Template 1, using the kit Morning Glory

Even though the predominate theme of the kit Morning Glory is loving coffee, you can do other things with it.  I decided to focus on my girls and how they were playing with robots.  We were outside at our annual Summer Festival in our village.  It was warm (almost 90) and as we were walking we discovered they are trying to create a Children’s Museum in our area that will give kids opportunities to learn.  Being a Homeschooling mom this makes me thrilled to have something like this coming to our area.  I think the closest thing like this right now is um, 3 hours away?  Not something we are going to do all the time.

Template 3, using the kit Free to Be

I couldn’t believe this day.  Hubby and I went out to dinner leaving the girls with the grandparents.  Well to keep the kids awake they decided to take them outside to play.  And play they did!  To this day they still cannot explain how the youngest got her face so dirty!  The pacifier was already inside getting washed in the dishwasher.  My mother-in-law said my face was priceless when I saw little the face of this one.  🙂

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