I was reading Stacy Julian’s mid week muse on  multi-tasking today. From Stacy’s post…

So, multi-tasking …

As women, we are natural multi-taskers. This however does not mean that we can effectively do multiple things at once. I used to pride myself in the attempt to multi-task, and let’s face it sometimes in our daily routines, we don’t have a choice. BUT … often times we do have a choice and as our world becomes more distracting and demanding, I’m choosing more often to FOCUS in short bursts of attention, over 15, 30 and sometimes (depending on the task at hand) 60 minutes.

You can only give your full attention to one thing at a time. It’s true and if you really want to engage with something in a satisfying, productive and rewarding way, it takes your full attention.

I read and re-read the post.  I read the comments.  I had to comment…

Multiple projects, many hats I can so relate. The question I have is how does everyone keep organized??? I used to keep a notebook – now I can’t because my kids then take it when I leave it some place and color pretty pictures for me. I used to have a palm – then it died. I try to use my computer and Remember the Milk for to do tracking – but don’t always remember to get on it every day to check off completed tasks or don’t have the computer by me when I need to keep track of something. How do you do it?

Maybe it is just part of my makeup that I’m really good sitting down and making a list but I easily get overwhelmed trying to keep the list up to date, or because of the number of hats I wear I am overwhelmed at the sheer amount to be done.

I love your site, love coming here for inspiration. I hope you don’t mind me asking my BIG question….

We will see if Stacy responds or anyone else (something else for my to-do list keeping track of this post on Stacy’s site) :>)

So they question I’m wondering is if you see this post, how do you keep organized?

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