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Missing my sweet angel…

family-(autumn-bliss-std)-1-31-2010My baby girl’s birthday was yesterday.  A few friends came over with cake and ice cream just like she would have loved.

She would have been eight years old.  Hard to believe in some ways, but in others it is hard to believe it has only been that long.  Her two beautiful sisters here kept me smiling but tonight I just had to sit down and put my facebook post down in a scrapbook page.  I choose Autumn Bliss created by Sweet Tomato Designs, who I am woefully behind on my CT duties for.

This month has been stressful.  The next month brings continued uncertainty and another emotional anniversary. But this is why I started scrapbooking.  Therapy.  And digital scrapbooking therapy is certainly cheaper than retail therapy!  (Not that there is anywhere around here for the latter either!)

If you enjoy the tone of this page, even though the subject matter I know is hard for some, be sure to pick up Cara’s kit here, it is a beautiful colorful kit especially needed with all the white (and cold) we have around here.

I know I’m going to have my moments, especially over the course of the next month.  But family is here to support, and God is hanging on to me.

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