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I CAN do this….

I have TONS of blogs coming to my google reader.  There are probably about 5 tabs for scrapbooking, 1 for news, and one for Mothering…  Lately I’ve placed the mothering one as the one that shows up first each morning.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Lack of sleep doesn’t  help.  And today there was a post on Simple Mom, that almost put me in tears, but reminded me that I CAN do this!

Visit the Simple Mom blog for today’s post on Raising a Three Child Family.  The basic gist…

  • Count Your Blessings
  • Encourage the Older Two to work Together
  • Find Time for Each Child
  • Watch Your Language so your not labeling your children in unflattering ways (middle child)
  • Be prepared to Make Difficult Decisions
  • Remember Why You Are Here
  • Savor the Moment

Now more than some of this seems overwhelming as a mom who is pregnant again, feeling overwhelmed by the need to-do list and the wish to-do list.  The continued unemployment, the lack of sleep, and being sore.  Some of this I know already… technically we are on baby number 4 even though we only have 2 on earth with us right now.  So for me it has already been finding a balance when talking about our children.  Time is an issue already and I know it will become more of one as the months wear on.  And of course there is always that advice of saying “Take Time For Yourself” in there as well.  I worry about what will happen if Michael has to live apart from us for a portion of each week so that he has a job and I’m on my own with all three kids and the managing of the housework.

I’m a worrier by nature so I have to be careful to remember that God has it all under control.

ICanDoThis_ordinarymomentsEven though I have tons to do and have been interrupted a million times by the kids, I just had to create something to help me remember.  So here it is…  I used Ordinary Moments by Sweet Tomato Designs, the fonts are Holiday Home and Huxtable and I’ll apologize to the unknown entity that I had saved the hand picture from, I can’t remember where I found it.

We will see if I have enough ink to print it off… if not perhaps it becomes my wallpaper for a little while.

With Blessings….

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