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Haven’t been scrapbooking

I’m betting you have guessed I haven’t been scrapbooking lately.  🙂  But I hope to be getting back to it soon.  A computer that is nine years old is not helping, but we may have a way around that soon.

I’m going to repost a picture that has been in my mind lately, probably because I’m watching the newest member of our family as she begins to push up to see things and is trying to figure out how to move around on her own.  She is only 5 months old.  Her oldest sister pictured below was much older, 2 years old actually, but was overcoming so much that doing this alone was an accomplishment.  Just as I enjoy watching our newest daughter explore to see what she can do, I remember Miss Angela doing the same.  Rejoicing in it just the same because no matter when a child achieves a skill it is a skill achieved.


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