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Cultivating a Good Life

pl-cultivate-a-good-life-and-record-it-150x130Becky Higgins talked about cultivating a good life yesterday.  I had to take a day and think about how I wanted to respond.  Yes I would love to win a Project Life Album.  But it is something I find myself thinking about as I look at my never ending to-do list that seems to have the same things on it every day.  Because lately it feels I do not ever get anything done.  :/

What is “cultivating a good life”?

Today… even as I am frustrated that Miss Hope has had a bad morning involving lots of screaming at the top of her lungs, I’m almost out of diaper covers for Miss Joy and had to hurry to get them in the wash so we didn’t have problems, all of the kids have the sniffles and I’m trying to deny my own, and My Love had to leave today to go to work … I had to sit and think about it.  I felt God prodding me to answer this question.

Not just for the chance to win the Project Life Album.  But for the focus that I needed for me, for today, for this week, heck even for this hour as I try to get the kids down for their nap so hopefully we will start the afternoon after quiet time on a better note.  And in that I felt compelled to share my post here…

I answered with this {with some formatting added}…

“Right now cultivating a good life means that I remember in the day to day:

  • the blessings that my kids are
  • that I am loved
  • that God is providing for my family even as my husband has to leave every week for work because he could not find something locally.

Cultivating a good life, means

  • making sure my kids do not feel like they are a burden
  • but are loved, wanted and are the joys of my life (next to God and my husband) 🙂

Cultivating a good life is how I am trying to focus not so much on my to-do list that is a mile long, but what makes me and my family happy.

And if a few things on the to-do list have to change in priority for that to happen, then it just might be that time to let some of the old go, so our new life as we look to the future can begin.  It’s not easy.”


It’s not easy.  There are a ton of projects I should be working on instead of creating this post.

I still haven’t figured out a good way to keep track of what I have done versus what I need to do on a daily basis.  I had hoped my iPhone would have something on it for me to do that with, that was free (yes I’m cheap in that aspect) but so far I’m not happy with anything I’ve tried.  So I’m trying to figure out if it is that I need to visually see something say on the wall or if just the method I was using on my iPhone doesn’t work.  I hate spending money on an app just to figure out that it isn’t going to do what I want either.  :/

But my kids and my husband are what is important.  Hopefully soon God has it in his plan for us to be together again where my husband is working.  Instead of here and still unemployed.  That’s not any fun.  Been there, done that.

And in the meantime…  I’ll try to remember my list, remember to cultivate a good life for my family every day.

With Blessings, Becky

One thought on “Cultivating a Good Life

  1. Becky –
    Thank you for commenting on my blog during the Jessica Spague blog hop! I followed your link here and loved reading this post! I am right there with you. So many days I don’t accomplish what I started out to do – and have to remind myself of the good that did happen. I love this talk i heard at a church conference that helped me (talking about our to-be lists more than our to-do):
    Feel free to read it if you’d like. I am working on implementing it – sounds like your list is right on. 🙂 I read your bio too – and completely relate to creativity being used to bless your life and others! Such a joyous blessing! Have a beautiful Sunday!! Take care! – Becky

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