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Another CT try

Well I am trying to be a CT for a new site I just found tonight (of course the deadline was tonight) at Log Your Memory.  There is this awesome book that has been designed for you to help keep track of what is going on in your life and the things you want to scrapbook about each and every day, along with other challenges and things to get you thinking throughout it.   I really, really want a copy.  And the idea of CT’ing for that seems like it would be really good for me to do to remember the little things that God does for me every day.  So I entered my application, we will see what happens.

As a part of that I’m posting a few links that I couldn’t link any other way because it seems that this  has been the weekend for sites going down.

  • Pretty Scrappy’s store has gone down but they are in the process of coming back up now.  (I’ve linked you to the blog here).  As soon as they are up, I have a new kit for you from Sweet Tomato Designs to tell you about.  I will post about that kit in the next day or two.
  • Stone Accent Studios is where I first started this digital odyssey and since their gallery is down, here is what I created as a part of their Site Makeover contest back in May 2009.

Here is what I submitted to there.  We had to design a header, footer and 5 buttons using at set of digital tools we were given.  Sorry there is no preview that I have for it.

So the header…


The buttons…






and the footer…





So hopefully when you are looking at this you see the pictures lining up right!  :>)

So enjoy and I’ll be back soon with the new kit from Sweet Tomato Designs!

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