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Bubble Machine

Okay, so I don’t normally blog about some of the giveaways that I find, even though I tend to enter quite a few, but this one I have to.

My girls LOVE bubbles…


As you can see from Lia’s picture having us blow or make the bubbles with the big wand and then them chasing them and trying to pop them is one of their FAVORITE things to do.

We either end up completely winded or pretty soon we can’t lift our arm.  (Yes I know I need to work out more!)

Well today I was looking through different posts and I was directed to Rebecca Cooper’s blog called Simple As That and on there is an opportunity to win the Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Machines by Funrise Toys.  So I entered to win there and am blogging about it for another chance.

We keep thinking of these machines, and try to look when we are actually at a store that might have them (not easy up here in the North Country) but as of yet can’t justify the expense when we are still unemployed (16 months and counting).  So… I hope you’ll pardon the sidetrip from scrapbooking.  If God wants us to have one then he’ll provide it.  🙂

But of course the bubble pictures are coming out, I’ve downloaded Sweet Tomato Designs Octopus’s Garden Kit to try and get something into the Spraground Concept Challenge (of course I’m running out of time!) and a few of the pictures like these are going to be on it.  Hopefully I’ll have that up in the next day or so.  Basically it depends on what I work on tonight the need to do (work) list or the want to do (life and scrap) list.  Maybe I’ll do a little of both if the power stays on.  🙂

With blessings and lots of chasing of bubbles…

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